Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fantasy Registration League, part two

Okay, part two of my obsessive look at courses I wish I could be taking at SLC this year:
  • The Feeling Brain: The Biology and Psychology of Emotions with Elizabeth Johnston and Leah Olson (Psychology): Tell me why I'm a basketcase of emotions, please! Maybe my brain is to blame for my sobbing every time I watch West Side Story...
  • Children’s Literature: Developmental and Literary Perspectives with Charlotte L. Doyle and Sara Wilford (Psychology): Not until spring, but still. The possibility of writing a children's book for conference is all too tempting.
  • Theories and Methods of Media Analysis with Sarah Wilcox (Sociology): Is staring at a mirror a valid method of analyzing the media?
  • Changing Places: Social/Spatial Dimensions of Urbanization with Shahnaz Rouse (Sociology): Get out of my space, man! Again, potential conference projects abound...
  • Travel and Tourism: Economies of Pleasure, Profit, and Power with Shahnaz Rouse (Sociology): Again, I'm interested in courses that have to do with things I like to do. And I like to travel, but I hate to look like a tourist.
  • Drawing: Translating an Invisible World with John O'Connor (Visual Arts): Wish I had gotten to take an artsy class at SLC. All I got to do was be a monitor in the building. Not as fun.
  • Beginning Painting: Color and Composition with Ursula Schneider (Visual Arts): Ditto, but with paint brushes.
  • Basic Black-and-White Photography with Phillip Pisciotta (Visual Arts): Ditto, but with a camera.
  • Printmaking I, II with Kris Phillipps (Visual Arts): Oh, the posters I could make!
  • Artist Books with Kris Phillipps (Visual Arts): If I can't write a book, maybe I could create one?
  • Words and Pictures with Myra Goldberg (Writing): So technically I already took this class, but it was AWESOME. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
  • Connected Collections with Mary Morris (Writing): It hurts to read a description of a workshop that perfectly describes the very writing project I have been working on since high school.
  • Place in Fiction with Lucy Rosenthal (Writing): Yeah, I already have an idea for this one...
  • Nonfiction Laboratory with Stephen O'Connor (Writing): My only fear would be somehow blowing up the lab with a mixed metaphor.
  • The Source of Stories: Writing From Your Own Experience with Mary Morris (Writing): Navel-gazing is one of the things I do best, so writing about me couldn't be that hard. Reading it to the class on the other hand...