Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Big Reveal

You would think I'd be done celebrating anniversaries. I mean, how many can there be? Graduating, blogging, there are only so many things you can mark the years with. Well, there's one more thing, and it's something not everyone knows I've been doing. On July 20th 2009, I decided that while I was looking for work, there was something I could change without sending out a resume and going in for an interview.

I decided to lose some weight.

I started keeping a food diary, counted all my calories and kept them down according to what my body supposedly needed. I don't know what flipped the switch for me, but I just decided to see what I could do and give it a try. Eventually I got a Basal Metabolic Rate test at the doctor's office for the real numbers. Day by day, I just made the choice to keep going.

I didn't write about it here, and I didn't post it on Facebook. My family and some friends knew, but I wasn't really advertising it. There didn't seem to be a reason to remind people that I was fat. Especially since I had lost weight in high school and gained it back in college. That's one thing I didn't want to get from my four years at Sarah Lawrence. I created a separate blog to talk about my new way of eating, but really, after you talk about being hungry or how to get in extra steps, it seemed a little boring to tell people about my newfound love of Lean Pockets and cocoa-roasted almonds.

Today, though, I'm just going to ignore the embarrassment of talking about having been fat to talk about not being fat anymore. I mean, I'm no Kate Moss, but then, I'm not on crack. I've lost more than a hundred pounds, I can shop for clothes wherever I want, and I just feel better. I don't plan on running a marathon any time soon, but you never know, maybe I'll do one of those weird ones Austin does so well.

So in celebration, I admit my weight loss to the blogosphere. Now I just need to decide on my celebratory dessert of choice...


  1. Congratulations - you are an inspiration!

  2. Wow girl! That's incredible! How can we read your other blog? I'm currently fighting off Bates-weight and doing my own, real, cooking for sustenance now that I've graduated and I'm doing that weight loss thing again. I'm always interested in seeing how other people do it. Congratulations dear, that's a huge accomplishment!

  3. I stopped posting on the other blog a few months ago, I'm thinking I'll integrate it into this for future weight-loss insights. Thank you!