Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ice Cube-icle, Ode to Bob Ross, and A Study in Citrus

If you're trying to guess what the title for this post could possibly mean, you're not going to get it. Because each of those devastatingly witty phrases is a name I've given to a particular outfit I've worn to work over the past few months. See? Told you you would never guess.

Now, it's not that I'm totally obsessive about putting outfits together. I don't have a Clueless-esque computer program matching my tops and bottoms. I just like to make sure my combos are cute. The names are something that pop into my head as I'm making coffee halfway through the morning, one of the fruits of that spare brain power which was moments ago focused on bitfields and register mnemonics.

Want the breakdown? Well, I'm giving it to you anyway:
  • Ice Cube-ice: silver flats, grey-blue trousers, grey turtleneck, ice blue cardigan, icicle-looking earrings
  • Ode to Bob Ross: canvas paint splatter flats, tweed-y trousers, sunshine yellow long-sleeved shirt, bright pink cardigan, confetti cake scarf
  • A Study in Citrus: red wedges, black trousers, orange long-sleeved shirt, bright pink cardigan, orange hoop earrings
Maybe a year from now the novelty will wear off and I'll just be grabbing whatever is clean and comfortable. But I'm still new and enthusiastically making sure to not wear the same shoes , and basing a look on a particular scarf I want to wear. Now, what about Monday...?

(I should note: yes, it was summer when I wore all of these. The temperatures were record-setting this year, but the office has been chilled like fine champagne the whole time and I'm always freaking freezing.)

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