Friday, September 16, 2011

A Serious Craving

Based on my most recent posts, you're probably bracing yourself for some wacky kitchen concoction. Oatmeal and hot dogs? Cupcakes and ice cream? Cupcakes and hot dogs?! Well, fear not, your conventional ideas about food will not be challenged today. No, I'm referring to a craving that I never expected to have.

Remember that jog around the block I took on Saturday? I did it again on Sunday. And if it wasn't still so freaking hot, I probably would have done it during the week. But as it is, I'm just looking forward to tomorrow morning.

Whoa. I know. That's totally weird. Saturday morning cartoons would seemingly make more sense as a draw for the weekend then tying up laces and hitting the pavement. But that's how I feel. I'm even looking at that Nike+ thing, with the sensor in your shoe to track your progress.

Is it possible that I'm suffering from some rare form of insanity?

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